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Welcome to Chiemgau Kamintechnik

Our business is focused on the construction and renovation of chimney systems. Established ten years ago, Chiemgau Kamintechnik is dedicated to finding, developing and exploring the most up to date technology in order to develop more efficient methods and higher quality products.

In addition to fire-place redevelopment, pressure tight exhaust systems, new fire-places, industrial fire places and chimney milling, Chiemgau Kamintechnik is now associated with furnace companies which enables us to distribute cast iron , tiled and pellet stoves.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority; we offer a total care package which includes concept development, design, planning and building. We work with each customer on an individual and personalised basis.

Chiemgau Kamintechnik wants their customers to not only be satisfied with the finished product but to be content and inspired by their experience in working with us. We aim to become your most reliable source for chimney construction and renovation.

You can reach us here

office hours : Mo.-Th. 7.00am-17.00pm Fr. 7.00am-13.00pm

Adr.: Waginger Str. 46, 83362 Hufschlag (bei Traunstein)
Tel.: +49(0)8 61/ 90 95 90 80
Fax: +49(0)8 61/ 90 95 90 88
Email: info@chiemgau-kamin.de